Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Uganda bits

Soo I know its been quite a while ago but my efforts to put my pics from this trip online met a total utter inconceivable failure.. so here are some bits

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Monday, June 26, 2006

ticktock chasing

What an amazing way
to pass the day
could it be a skill
to do at will
nothing at all?

goin out to see a movie bit
not that I deserve it
cause if I was
a genuine worker
and not such a slacker
I would
be an attacker
a true samourai
of to-do's
no voodoo's
just get things done
cause there is no fun
in the tomorrow-routine
ya know what I mean?

Gotta go and hit the road
and catch the flick
..hope something will kick

I'm usually productive
whats going on?
could anyone tell me
where goes time thats gone?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Card trickin

Another night descends upon the city.
Was a do-almost-nothing-where-did-all-my-day-go kinda day..
But these silly days when I see no one and speak to no one have a certain clarifying effect in a way its like the void is a vacuum that sucks away all that bullshit (no better word for it) that you've been storing and makes some room for new thoughts...
So here's one of them new thoughts that come post clean-up - you be the judge cause I think that part got wiped out aswell...
I happen to be, as many are, in the find your human link process..seeking a malemate to join me in the wonderful and scary parts of life..
I've less requirements as time goes by, I think- just be true to yourself and me, smile, learn..
Well the thing is these missions that are required in order to find your mate aka dates are becoming tiresome, mostly the guessing part.. Does he like me? Does he want to continue..blahblah.. So here's the suggestion,you ready?
Have a re-evaluation time just a simple code: you like? - yes,lets keep trying / no, thankyou g'bye... And then either you try on or you move on... so simple - even if some are embarrassed to word it out we could make these cards you just flip out to either side and on the count of three..
I mean it hurts when you get no but its better to know,no?

Hurray to honesty!!

no more games please.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Movie moovin'

Do you sometimes get the feeling, while walking back from a movie a good movie.. that bits and pieces from the characters are now a bit embedded in you ..your walk your thought the way you address the kiosk guy while buying beers.. I remember walking back from that movie- fist of a woman about the female boxer..man my rage was all through my walk back home healthy kinda powerfull rage..felt good.
Now walking back from the cinemateq wished it was raining or atleast foggy or atleast a bit more romantic dramatic..
lil dramas in a quiet city..couldnt people be a bit more unexpected abit crazy sing out.. Yaaa Im alive and out of my mind from it!!!

its all the same $%*!!# day..

"Everybodies afraid of being happy, that's why there's so many rules against it"...

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Every day new life
So much to do
So much to learn
So much to discover
So much so much..
thats why you have to keep
what you can
as simple as possible
simple clothes
feel the earth
feel the ground
getting warm through the day..

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Spin writing

THE THING ABOUT WRITING is that it lets you define all the usual merry go round thats twirling inside yor head so many like kids getting on and off and sometimes its not clear whats important and what your mind or something else is trying to tell you.. Cause what I do know by now is that inside we know what is needed to make us happy..its just somewhere under that pile of clothes and unwashed dishes or wishes..
There are moments of clarity..sky objects help..clouds,moon,rain.. a big open view or sailing in the night or driving with really good music or walking in the desert and listening to quiet..
Sometimes I wish the world would stop inputing so much ..that is there is so much more honesty in gesture and sound..does this make sense?
words help me write but they also sometimes are just sliding around the laba tiny islands that depict truth..would you care to build a bridge or a boat to visit these islands or maybe you have enough islands of your own you need to visit or discover..
Another challenge..when you stumble upon unknown land dont try to change what you see or be changed as to fit.. it is much more valuble to stick to your skin and see what you can aquire from that diffrence.
I find it a real effort to not start guessing what the other side wants..what would make me a true roman of the land..eager to please..so many possible faces..how do you know what to keep and what to let go.. The best thing could be maybe if we could truly exchange I give you a coat you give me a yummy apple cake..I show you music listening and you show me how to decide..
This is not new this happens all the time but I think one has to keep enough empty shelves for the new things and be experienced enough to know what doesnt fit or is not needed..
Simplicty just sounds easy.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Moon thoughts

Last night saw the big yellow Mr.Moon rise up beyond the hills from up-up on my rooftop... Sending out a message to the grand valley underneath: It's good to be easily free on my own!
My flatmate had just packed out and I had that slight sinking feeling of ohmygosh gonna be packing out of another house soon..I counted my 12th home in 27years(!)..
But being in the house on your own after a while has some greatness..one of the most surprising things is, you won't believe this - things just stay exactly where u put them!
You could actually close your eyes a moment before entering the house and ,a true prophet, know exactly what your going to see.. Its just almost like those first steps on the moon that still hang on up there.. some sustainability..
One of my wishes is to go see that moon ground in one of my futures..
Now thats a move..packing for the moon..