Saturday, April 16, 2011

Une chambre avec vue

Looking out
all these lights

Another sunset on a heat simmering city
out in the desert
that tries to be something else

sweet blues here
after an all-in-all
Pre-Pessach Luncheon
with a sneezing doggie
and reggae babylon tunes
I thought I would paint
and clean

but maybe it was time for some
for some zen emptiness

the void
lets in new thoughts
while washing dishes
while tears on the edge of eyes
while watching a film francais

Change comes from within
with rainbow dragonfly lights

Friday, April 15, 2011


What is the next step then?
I still want to do but in a simpler environment

Is that possible
I feel I have done this
I have learned and will learn
but soon my task here is done

Soon I feel it's time for the next challenge

I thought I would build a life here - but I don't see that happening
I love it
but no true roots have grown
I wonder
if I will grow roots
I wonder
where I will feel home

I know - my home is in my inner heart
but I want to grow from there outside
I want to share my load
share responsibilities
and joys


tell me please..

Friday, April 08, 2011

Jump - Aid

This is just to say

Fear is ridiculous

fear of what - failure?
Being laughed at? talked about?

So FUCKIN what!!

It don't matter - better be BOLD
better to do and crash and fall

then just be careful and safe

how much energy is being spent in this world
on being safe and comfortable
in having a place in society
a secure position
a group of constant colleagues with the right kind of cars

oh so sad
so safe
that you live your life in cotton balls
not feeling the jagged challenges
the wonderful bruises that you can experience only when you jump

Leap out there
Stretch the bounds

I say it's worth it

I've got enough band-aids..