Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just singin'..

Wowweee! Rain!!
many big drops of it
first hesitant
how will it be accepted
then as if saying
you know what I'm out here
its my time now
deal with the change!
then the big buckets come out
and all is new and washed
for the new year

I once had a thought
If God wants us to celebrate all his holidays
why doesn't he celebrate with us..
RaisinRain in Tu BiShvat
8 Suns on Hannukah
Something new on Newyears..

Monday, September 04, 2006

long time no write

'Tis 4th of Sept
where am I ?
disappeared to another place
just beginning to get found

Feels good
to re-know whats important
what helps me soar
like re-growing wings
like sitting at the piano and stretching your dusty fingers
like seeing the clouds again beyond the crowded rooftops
(thankyou Karen..)

it takes a lot of power
to find the truth in the blahblah world
easier usually way up on hilltop

here you need to fight through
maybe that's why city people are cranky
and traffic..

well maybe if I can make it here
I can make it anywhere
Her-zel-ia Her-zel-iaaaaa..

I will try
clean thoughts