Tuesday, October 02, 2007


What does it take to be independent?
do you have to cut yourself out
like a cookie..
all the dough inside you
it's still part of your parental dough
so I don't know

What does it take to do your thing
with no worries?
does that ever happen?
wish I could flatten
rewrite the rules here

Its so confusing man
tumbling about in this wash machine turmoil
looking for an honest way out of a mess
stuck in the middle like that shirt that never found a nice place on the neat pile..

I want
to be a butterfly
completely transformed metamorphosed in to a free identity

no worries please
just trust and acceptance
is that too much to ask?
relieve me from your concern
and I will
learn from my own mistakes
can't be in charge for your disappointment anymore

I love you
let me free
and I will promise to be happy..