Thursday, February 14, 2013


So this is the thing
we gotta be crazy



we are afraid
afraid to be weird
to be looked at
out of line

fear decides our next step

keep SAFE
look around take cues
don't offend
don't step out
don't shout out
don't speak truth


your rules suck
your politness is meaningless
I fart in your general direction
I feel your pain
I see your boredom

I see what you are really inside
and it is so much

flying lessons

hear this buzzz
 it's a fly a common fly thats been in the car for maybe a very long time I feel his distress I sense my annoyness at the constant bzz and I open both front windows wiiiiiiide open

 - "Here you go buddy you're free now fly like a bird or a fly or a dragonfly.."
 - "Bzzzzzzzzz"

 He keeps circling on the front window
He sees the open horizon as I zoom through the endless Kfar Yasif and he yearns to be back out there with the wonders of the world all those exciting garbage piles and stenching possibilities out in the wild
so he keeps smashing his multi eyes at the front screen of the tumbling vehicle not at all realising he got such wiiiiiide exits just to the left n the right

 - "Come on minimal brain with wings move your miniscule butt to the vertical and free yourself from this confinement"
 - "Bzz..bzzzzazzzzz"

 I start to wonder this creature small and simple yet surely with some survival skills
 and yet so dumbfounded at this very embarassing crisis.. do I also do this? Do we also do this?
 Keep on knocking hopefuly on a nonopenable door expecting matters to change if we persist if we try harder.. when in fact just a few cm to the horizantal would set us free

 Is it that simple ?
 Sometimes it might be

So lost in thought was I that I missed his moment of victory
was it chance or an AHAA moment?

 I will never know


Why am I here writing?

I should be out in the world



Sometimes just sometimes
I wanna be a woman
big belly

I love him truly
(unborn and already wonderful)



fuck it Purim I dance
and you better be ready lil guy