Thursday, December 09, 2010

The new game is

to resist temptation
not to move by impulse
not go by I want
I need
but actually stop

and think

it just sounds easy..

well I never went for easy
help me out here
we'll keep score

how many times can I do the right thing
and not what feel good at the moment

work not play
focus not daydream

maybe as a game
it will work

ready, set...

Monday, December 06, 2010

Open Window (in the rain!)

So here's the new deal
I thought about it today on the bus ride
rain strumming down the windows
and me happy as a new born mouse
from the real winter atlast
now its Hannuka
and in Jeru

So the new pact
inner truth spoken out loud or quiet
the thing is
its become second nature for me
to talk in my head
and then choose something else to say
something to impress
to make THEM like me

who cares!
It don't work any ways

I prefer to live my truth
all in all
at least

Be a full woman

damn how I need
this kind of courage

look you straight in the eye
take it or

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Know your routes

Sometimes you need to travel far
just to come home..

All the way down south
and now back at my door step
I truly FEEL the red mountains

I breath
I plant
don't wanna move
or more so
want to travel light

music n seeds