Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring strings

New tunes
born within
lil me
it started from hurt and now
some good words carry me farther on this symphony road
towards writing more
and trying to find the way
to play it out
to sing out
pluck out
my new songs

you should be happy you ain't my roommate these days
cause I'm a pluckin and practicing like never before..

new window of expression
so much to learn!
I wanna know how to write music
how to write down the tune like I can write down the words

so good to want to learn all this in earnest
hope this yearning sticks
cause I wanna know it
play it
sing it

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Morning

suddenly colder
crispy air
toast and salty butter
like yester tears
with pear slices

I might be able to even make music
what a dream!
I woke
early this morn

walk around so busybee
time to stop think

maybe eat first
play a tune
finish some tasks
and then..

oh the bread is crispy
butter might play
tune dreams