Monday, September 24, 2007

after thought

How do you say goodbye
to someone who's already gone

I mean
we have all these rituals
you see
and yet they say g'bye to the shell
so whats the good in that

when really you
find that you lack the farewell part so much
just a small word of closure would suffice..
'you did good..'
'loved you we did..'
'take care now.. be safe..'

I think
the need is to know
that the depart from life was done somehow
with a content smile
yes it's time
thankyou for what i got
what i did
see you across the door..

hey sky..

I donno
just don't believe in stone graveyards
wish it could be
to plant a tree
then you could have a grand living shade to
talk to

Miriam said a week ago
she would prefer to
breath her last
while hugging a tree...

I bet she's climbing one now..

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

All I need

In my own lil universe
everything I need is in arms reach
the water tube
like a long umbilical cord
suck in some hydration
music cords in ears
and straps around
holding my necessities

I can find it by touch
all I need

Under the shade
of the Weeping Willow
by the old port of Biganos
I know
that I don't need much.