Friday, November 06, 2009

mudnificently happy

Step in
its round and delicious
earth colored
desert Inuit
veggie Eskimo
in a
mud igloo

lie back on sand dunes
loose yourself in
some wind
walkabout following
footprints and pawprints

smooth mud bath
you wanna dive in
then war colors on your palm
that form daydreams
on mud walls

take off your shoes
shed some skin
and breath it in

we can live like this..

"do you wear boxes? then why live in one..."

Monday, November 02, 2009

kidney cushions

Yesterday was a day of social revelations
after weeks
or months of bareness..
Train friends
Nextdoor friends
6 year back community garden guerrilla mates
(what a reunion!)
and random connection friends
football and beers in to the rainy night

This world is one one with many portals
hidden windows and rabbit holes
you open your eyes
open something in your soul
or just in your chest
and life pours in

It wants to

This weekend has been one of revelation
in the best sense
I think I found a way
to really let go
and accept things as they come
you can not even imagine
how much room that clears..

In fact
I could invite all my new comrades
to my inner saloon -
lotsa new space