Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Crime

I am wasting my time
That is what I'm doing now
Why is that such an offence?
And against who?
When is it that time is used in a wonderful efficient way?
Tasks - check check
Working – oh I’m so busy! Phonecalls phonecalls I'm important I'm swamped
OH you wouldn’t believe how hard I worked today
Check check check just 23 more things on the todo list!

Oh yes the fulfilled life is exhilarating
Doing doing doing from breakfast (who has time!) till late night shlumping on the bed

Nope not for this here girlie
She be home
She be doin not’in
And trying truly trying
To find the place within her
That feels completely at peace
With not accomplishing

Try this
         “So tell me dearest, what did you do today?”
         “Well today, you see today, today –
 –      “oh. Are you ill dear?!”
         “Noooooothiiiinggg I wanna do nothiiiiiiiing
I wanna BE and not to DO
I want to be free
Without the guil-ty
How come there’s no movie
Praising the non-doing life
(vacation does not count because it is a solidifier of the doing life – you wanna do nothing? go on vacation! Then bring your ass back here and work work work soldier! You want to eat don’t you? And send you’re future-not-yet-existing-kids to college right? So don’t slack for a minute!.... lalalalalife goes on)”