Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shed some light

I was raised in a french-north-african fam
which means that comfort has a straight translation to food
good food.

Hence when I'm truly troubled
a good guess would be to find me wandering
at the market

not to eat
no hunger
just a need to believe again
in things that are simple and truly good

Then laden with these quality possessions
I get to my home
look at the fridge brimming
in this naive notion
that now
no harm can come upon me
Im armed and ready

how sad..

Oh man I'm such a tired babee
not sure if I'm cut out to be a grown up
in this crazed fucked up world

How does one do it really?

I must have daydreamed
when they gave out the instructions..

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sonata de-mi Rising

Construction beats
Streetbroom sweeps
doves that tweet (or rather coo)
Trucks retreat
and that's some beeep beeep

and then there's the school across the street
that's got this crazy samba tune
through morn and noon
that signals when to play and when to meet
the chair and books
so new so neat

And so with that grand symphony at play
I try to put it all at bay
by waking before the sun could ray
and shine so lovely
upon the metropolis bay
of sand dune

all is silence
just one tune
and a wake up
for the sleepy moon
or woman-child
asleep and wild
in dreams that wont subside
to get me on my feet

but when I do
its all everlight blue
through the calm I run
mist and sweat blend till Im done
then water flowers
and got the powers
for a new day...