Wednesday, July 18, 2007


The ice is slowly melting..they say
but my ice box just froze over
engulfing, hugging tightly my craved mango icecream!

I scream
You scream

that evil kibbutznik fridge..
what oh what shall I eat
to ease my

I ain't drunken
just a lone pumpkin..

your gone.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

where is the sunshine?

(come on ..couldn't really miss this date
too pretty..)

baby better get out of bed
summer's hangin over our head..

yesterday in jeru walking and reading
street poems
open market
bits of africa on screen

how sad though
actually aches in the belly
when a place you know and love
looses the comfort of it
the familiarity
sure I feel like an oldy saying this
but do we really need Better
all the time?

I have so many memories from the old cinemateq
on the valley
like coming back once a year
for the cup of cinematographic tea..
don't add sugar
don't improve the mug
some things are just meant
to be
what they

stop ye concrete building!
pro-gress.. blahhh

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Soap in my drink

evening out in front of the house
after a tomatogarlicheese dinner
now red saucers filled with a all-in shake
talk and laughter
confused and relaxed
the drama shrinks away
how good it is
to let it all hang loose
morbid cynicism on the right
deep embracing smile on the left
smile on

des cons heureaux...