Sunday, November 18, 2007

just so u know

Dreams don't come true
Dreams are true.

wild thing

what can console
the inner storm
bad timing
need to focus now
finish up
feel like
jumping up and down

you cant run
you cant hide

don't want self-pity
don't want confusion

where did the clear thought
walk to

did it get bored with my

Am I not supposed to know whats most important?
how do I get unstuck?
yeah I know its all me - all the answers are inside
all the possibilities there too

so why do I keep crying when I should so be writing?
I miss simple warmth

hold me tight
I'm disappearing..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

balagan logic

Its sometimes good to be messy
cause in this
apparent disorder
one can at times find unexpected surprises
in exactly
the right time

if you go ahead and well.. arrange it all
the thingies loose their natural placement..
which could render them incapable of preforming this

stop them worries then
its all froody

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Land a-hoy!

two butterflies
roaming above raging sea waves
made of glass on my desk
our indoor mind
can be like that at times

thoughts wandering
trying to find what to attach to
'everything is changing'
my grandma kept saying

'the golden years ain't that golden girl'
thats important
whatever you choose to call it
be sure you see it
and welcome it in

maybe thats the
solid land
in the raging sea

be open to

sharp blue-gray eyes
that have seen
almost everything
sparkle at me..