Thursday, June 30, 2011


There is a part I figured out though
there is a great absence of beauty in our daily cunundrum

an old Chrysler in mint condition parked at a gas station
unique flower arangements by the burekasim at a conference

and kindness too

maybe that could be my next step
to figure out how to provide more occurences of unexpected
beauty and kindness

something has got to change..

Double- U's

Feel the need to call my wonderful friend Shnitzel
to have him tell me why life is beautiful

feel the need to keep walking
to find that music that gives you air to breath

feel the need to shout out all this pain and transform it anger atleast
so it won't all be clumped up inside me

usually this fades away at some point
usually I find goodness in food, movie or music

but not today
today everything feels fake
such sad smoking liars all about
thinking that life is soooo gooood

Oh God
whats this

which part is real?
When does it get to be more than survival?

Cause if its just this...
something is terribly wrong.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

moonchild a-raising

It is a time of change
feels like something is growing inside
not a baby yet..
but a freedom

I'm in love
with change
always think the next place would be better
there I would feel
more real
not in a rehearsal

sometimes me gets a glimpse of me
deep in there
hidden under the heavy stifling blankets of
self doubt
and the flowery need to please
to be loved

oh geeze
if you so smart
how come you still carry them blankets around
when you know you could be a light
open and alive
magical thing

I need a new name
want to shed some skin
shed some accessories that are cumbersome

same wishes
new strength?

me hope.