Thursday, July 13, 2006

Fight and then what??

The kids got bored
of talking
started to play the game
they know so well..
They will not be taken as weakened fools..
They will not let slide the insult..
ooh no...

They are boys
with big toys
that make much noise

don't stand in the way
cause today
you'll see
THEY will go away

this time we'll do it right
just need much might
the last fight...

ohh wait
were did everybody go
don't they know
we meant to show
that its
the only way to grow

empty playground
no one in the sand
what a piece of land
can do..

When a child is angry and kicks you - would you kick him back?.. thats just saying without words - ok so this is the new mode of communication.. you want my attention - kick me..
If speech and reason don't help - there is a need to contain the violence forcibly - but still not by kicking back..
There has to be a way for that principal with countries as well - I cant believe we are still communicating (negotiating...) through missiles and tanks..
They (both sides) are actually saying it: "We are doing this to make them understand.."
Cause you know, missiles and heart-aching worries really give the necessary empathic power to understand what the other side wants... sure, goodthinking..

couldn't they just square it out in a videogame or even chess.. heck flip a coin.. Oh what am I saying, it might land in some ones eye.. dangerous..

Who's keeping the peace? we could use a piece...

Friday, July 07, 2006

Go away

(help me)

Drowning in a sea
an ocean of
unbound time
just another lonely day

lights so bright in my eyes
peoplepushing by and
in to the night

curling up
inside storybook
& motionpicture

as kids
we would
assemble overturned sofas
blankets cushions
create a soft

Got any spare blankets..?

Why do I still need this??

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Hot wat

Dammn its hot! Its not so much the heat as the nonexistent movement of air.. its mississippi kinda hot..not that I've been but I currently feel the need to sit on the porch swaying and flapin my straw hat in creation of a local Beershevians are smilin to themselves now, cause they got the evenin breeze alright..unwindy wonder I'm leaving..
Yesterday was a very full day and unique for one that I had eaten 3! true square meals..
Chez Sandra's sweet parents after some rock drawing on the tree house with her sweet expressive boy..
later napping while the banana cake was baking
Out to visit Sanait & family, the ethiopian family that keeps me happy (and worried), gotta bless sweet Berto for his everlasting patience with 6 smallones tugging, petting, running and squealing about him.. me in the mean time unable to rescue him much as I am urged to eat more Injira and spicy wat while receiving translation to ethiopian videoclips..

Do you sometimes also step out of yourself and look at you and wonder - how did this come about?